Empress India South Africa 2021

Preetha Nanhoo

Preetha Nanhoo

Nazeera Mall, ZEE TV Empress India South Africa 2018

Entries now Open....

The ZEE TV Empress India South Africa Pageant is due to be held at the  City Hall, Durban on July 27.

It will be part of a glamorous “double feature” — two Pageants will be held on the same evening. The Miss India South Africa KwaZulu-Natal Pageant and the Empress India South Africa Pageant.

The Empress is open to married, divorced or widowed  women. The winner will go abroad to take part in the Mrs India Worldwide Pageant

This year Nazeera Mall will go to the Leela Hotel, Mumbai to be South Africa’s representative in September.

There are two clothing sequences, Eastern and Western dress. Then comes a question an answer sequence. A Pageant for married  has been introduced in various countries around the world, as forward thinking nations believe that there should be a meaningful platform for married women. 

In South Africa there is a growing trend, but the Empress is the only contest of its kind send its winner to the Mrs India Worldwide Pageant. Women are urged  to take advantage of an opportunity which could change their lives for the better. The idea is to enjoy an improved quality of life along with your respective families, the greater community and the nation. The fact that countries in the Indian diaspora send representatives means that those taking part will meet women just like themselves and share their experiences

This is an opportunity which should not be missed !!

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Current Winners

ZEE TV Empress India South Africa  : Nazeera Mall

First Runner Up : Keru Moodley

Second Runner Up : Shaista Kader.