Farook Khan

Farook Khan

Chairman, Miss India South Africa Pageant


And Serisha Maharaj, Mumbai bound, Miss India South Africa has that magic ability to ignite all three when she converges on the international public space. She is not a face in a crowd, in fact her face brings a crowd.

Very simply the experts will say that she is electric, charismatic and is energy in poetry – whatever it is – she carries South Africa’s hopes in the Miss India Worldwide Pageant at the Leela Hotel from September 2 to 8. Competitors from 40 countries will be standing on her way, blocking her every move and stealing the limelight at every turn. Defending her space on the glittering stage and off – she has to make sure that she outwits her opponents, out SMARTS them and then take her talent to new heights where she is better and greater, not only against her opponents, but her own self.

This contest is no ordinary beauty pageant. It is a creative stage which honours those who are so formidable, that every other contender looks like a pretender. Perfection only limits the scope, excellence imposes boundaries, but for women the Universe is their home. Serisha Maharaj is ready to take on all comers and the amazing ward robe which has been created for her, is timeless elegance to say the least. She makes black looks brighter, blue warmer, cerise cooler. It comes with poise, grooming and personality. She is the 28th contestant from this country that is going to have a crack at this title. She has one shot. There is no second chance.

This is why, her preparation must be a military style operation which is executed with precision. Where mind, body and soul are wrapped into a a human being who makes her audience, constituency and the observers around the world, to feel proud that they are Indian when they see the contestant from the southernmost tip of Africa.

This is not the big time, it’s the ONLY time.

South Africa must come out in their multitudes to support Serisha Maharaj, to give her the energy which she is going to need to cascade to the greatest heights of acclaim – 41 countries must recognize, love and respect her as their Ambassador of Goodwill.

Right now we need to send a message to the India Festival Committee of New York who organizes the Miss India Worldwide. I am inviting every single one of you to post a special message of support for Serisha, not exceeding 25 words. Please do not send any symbols, tokens or medals. POST you support on this page. It is going to make a difference. – Farook Khan, Chairman Miss India South Africa Pageant.

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