Preetha Nanhoo

Preetha Nanhoo

Miss India South Africa Pageant


Miss India South Africa Pageant chairman, Mr Farook Khan created the India South Africa Brand . He said that the movement was started as an initiative to improve the quality of young women and to train them to be ambassadors of excellence.

“We work promoting peace and understanding among all people in the hope that they too would serve the greater community and in so doing improving the quality of life of the very people whom we serve,” said Mr Khan.

Mr Farook Khan conceptualised and executed the Miss India South Africa Pageant 28 years ago. Every year the winner, Ambassadors of Goodwill, represented South Africa at the Miss India Worldwide Pageant. In those 28 years he boasted 2 International wins, 9 times as First Princess and 6 times as Second Princess. 

Mr Khan hosted 17 Miss India Worldwide winners at his National Pageants. He left an indelible impression in  their lives. This year he hosted Miss Shree Saini of the USA. She was so impressed by him that she was planning another visit to South Africa together with her mom. ” I miss Mr Khan so much, I don’t want to believe he is gone. He is forever alive in my heart! “Said Shree Saini.  Together with the Miss India South Africa team she kept Virgil and prayed for him during his stay in hospital. 

He had a passion for the Performing Arts, hence the introduction of the talent segment in the Pageant. He believed that through these art forms he could help encourage young ladies to discover and believe in themselves. He believed the Pageant was a celebration of courage. He labelled the Pageant as an innovative leadership programme to provide a platform for young ladies to showcase their talents.. 

Mr Farook Khan was known for his booming voice, charismatic ways and legendry beard. 

He was an excellent journalist who boasted a wide range of contacts both locally, nationally and internationally. He was larger than life with an infectious laughter. 

An extremely caring gentle giant, Mr Farook Khan helped many financially challenged young ladies through their studies. He even financed the studies of young ladies in his home village of Veer in India. He believed that charity that was done sincerely, needn’t be publicised. He was well known for his generous spirit as he raised funds for worthy causes, paid medical bills for the needy and enjoyed mentoring young journalists. 

As the National Director for South Africa at the Miss India Worldwide Pageant, he travelled throughout the world attending these International Pageants. His last visit was to Mumbai, India to the 28th Miss India Worldwide Pageant. As always his colourful personality commanded the attention of delegates from the various countries. They thoroughly enjoyed his company. He was elated as South Africa’s Serisha Maharaj was placed second runner up at the Pageant. 

He fell ill on his return trip to South Africa. He underwent surgery and sadly succumbed to his illness three weeks later. He is sorely missed.


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