ZEE TV Miss India South Africa International 2021

Pageant  Director  :  Kamisha Nanhoo Maharaj

Pageant Director : Kamisha Nanhoo Maharaj

She has won International and local Pageants. She modelled Internationally, was a presenter for Sony Television South Africa and is currently a Dental Practioner.

May 05, 2019

The Miss India South Africa Pageant, was started 28 years ago as an innovative leadership programme, affording young ladies an opportunity to showcase their talent.  The winner of the Pageant has been traveling abroad to participate in the International Pageant.

Eight  years ago a sister Pageant was introduced and awarded to Katch Productions., The Miss India South Africa International Pageant.  . This is a fashion Pageant which introduces young ladies to the world of fashion and modelling. Winners of this Pageant have travelled abroad where they received intensive modelling training and participated in the International Fashion Pageant.

Leading fashion designers have made their garments available for us to showcase to a very discerning audience.

There will be five sequences, four of them dress parades

Once the fashion aspects have been taken care off, the question and answer segment will play itself out when judges and contestants engage in a “battle of the wits.”
This segment has been increasingly embraced by the audience over the years and now, it is one of those sequences which is thoroughly enjoyed.

Several special awards will also be presented to individual contestants. These accolades are judged by independent judges who are not part of the process

This Pageant promotes Women Empowerment. It entails grooming, dress sense, modelling, deportment, fashion sense, etiquette training, speech and eloquence training and confidence building. It also introduce networking with fashion houses, companies, media and fellow colleagues.
Both Pageants work under one umbrella.

Out Past winners of this pageant have travelled to India to Participate in the International Pageant , The Indian Princess International and Miss India Continent.

Serina Kalkapersad  won the Indian Princess International 2013   in Mumbai.

Michelle Naidoo was Placed First Princess in 2014

Kimara Jamun was awarded The Beautiful smile award in 2017

Kimberley Govender was place First Princess in 2018 at the Miss India Continent Pageant which was held in Mumbai

ZEE TV Miss India South Africa International  2019 : Aneshree Buldeo

First Princess : Shivanee Chetty

Second Princess : Shinia Durga

2020 Contestants

Amirah Mahomed

Amirah Mahomed

Brittany Chinna

Brittany Chinna

Caitanya Diplall

Caitanya Diplall_02

Caitlyn Chetty

Divania Chellan

Keren Govender

Mayuri Nadesan

Rienae Reddy

Riya Pillay

Sushmita Naicker

Urekha Ballasur

Yinita Ramsakkan